Windows event viewer logs location

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On Windows systems, event logs contains a lot of useful information about the system and its users. Depending on the logging level enabled and the version of Windows installed, event logs can provide investigators with details about applications, login timestamps for users and system events of interest.. According to the version of Windows installed on the system under investigation, the ...

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I use the event viewer to troubleshoot software errors as I am a beta tester for a couple of software companies. I need the event viewer to see which event id errors occurred at a specific time and how it relates to the said software. Also things like the beta software affecting auto retrieval of certificates and Windows Time.On Windows OS's pre-Windows Vista: Open the command line and browse to the directory containing the eventquery.vbs script: cd C:\WINDOWS\system32. Then, you can specify which log you are trying to work with. For example, if you are using the Application log, you can use the Application argument. cscript eventquery.vbs /L Application /V

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By default, VNC Server logs connections to the Windows Event Log. For every connection, the following information is logged: To view this information: Open Event Viewer. Select Windows Logs > Application. For more information on logging in general, and particularly about other platforms, visit: All About Logging.Through Event Viewer we have the ability to search the logs for a particular string, export the logs to a file, and even schedule a task to take place each time a specific event occurs. Log File Location.

This will open the Event Viewer. In the left pane, under Event Viewer (Local), expand the Windows Logs folder by double-clicking on it or clicking the arrow next to the folder. Under Windows Logs, right-click on Application and select Save Events As... from the menu. When prompted, type Application Event Log for the file name and save the file ...If you want to monitor what exactly your user print, I recommend enabling "Allow job name in event logs" policy to log documents name. If you run Windows 2012 or Windows 8, you may need to apply a Windows update as described here .