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@AuraEnabled public static void setApexClassType(String myApexClass) {NewWrapperClass nwc = (NewWrapperClass)JSON.deserialize(myApexClass, NewWrapperClass.class);} Set. You won't be able to use a Set, but at least you won't have any surprise with this one.

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In this quick tutorial, we'll learn how to combine two or more JSON object into one object in JavaScript. Object.assign() The Object.assign is the most straightforward approach to add two or more objects.String jsonString = JSON.serialize (ex); Untyped Deserialization with JSON.deserializeUntyped () Using the JSON.deserializeUntyped () method yields an Object value, because Apex doesn't know at compile time what type of value the JSON will produce. Map<String, Object> result = (Map<String, Object>)JSON.deserializeUntyped (jsonString);

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The Salesforce JSON.deserialize(String, Type) method cannot deserialize from JSON into generic Object, or into objects with generic Object fields. You can deserialize into concrete types such as "String" or "Integer". ... We have to call LWC in Lightning Component in order to show the LWC UI in quick action. Now Spring 21 brought way to call ...Use skinny table if performance is not good enough even after using custom indexes- A skinny table is a custom table in the Force.com platform that contains a subset of fields from a standard or custom base Salesforce object. Force.com can have multiple skinny tables if needed, and maintains them and keeps them completely transparent to you.Instead of XML you may provide and accept entities as JSON, a simpler and more concise format.. Comparison of XML and JSON representations. Compare an authentication context, to be POSTed to the '/session' resource, as application/xml:

What I have tried: We have tried it as below. DynamicJsonCollection = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<marketdata>> (final1); Posted 27-Mar-17 20:04pm. sganesh73. Updated 27-Mar-17 20:56pm. Add a Solution.JSON to CSV "Last thing: what about converting JSON to CSV?" Call unparse() instead of parse(), passing in your array of arrays or array of objects. Papa will figure it out. // Output is a properly-formatted CSV string. // See the docs for more configurability. var csv = Papa.unparse(yourData);