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This post is a part 2 of my previous blog Composite Collapsible Multifield in AEM 6.3 Touch UI in which we retrieved the authored multifield values in our sightly code by using JS Use-API. Here, we'll use the Java WCMUsePojo API to retrieve the multifield child values in our sightly code.

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Color Picker in AEM Component Dialog. On June 27, 2016. July 8, 2016. By devaninejahman In Adobe Experience Manager. In this post: Default color picker fields in both TouchUI and Classic UI. Consumption of the value selected in the dialog using Sightly. Preset options from the config manager. Palette-driven Dynamic Dialog for Color Pickers.How to reference other OSGI service in sightly ; You can not directly reference OSGI service in sightly template. However you can reference them in use class using getSlingScriptHelper().getService(Service.class) note that you can not use @Reference to refer a service in sightly class.. How to initialize a default value of a property in sightly

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By doing this, you will inherit everything from the base component. • How Does Sightly Differ From Other Templating Systems? Sightly differs from other templating systems in three ways. Sightly is secure by default, it offers separation of concerns, and sightly is HTML5 because it is a valid HTML5 file.

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