Cucm db replication status

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Symptom: Database Replication setup Broadcast Task "cdr check repair" logs indicates componentversion table has a lot of mismatching records and it takes a long time to check repair this table increasing the overall Database Replication setup time. Conditions: Each time CUCM is upgraded the componentversion table is only updated after the Publisher is switched over and the subscribers always ...


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We had UC UCS server hardware issue couple weeks back. So we end up rebuilding our ccx secondary server from scratch. admin:utils dbreplication runtimestateServer Time: Mon Feb 05 12:56:26 EST 2029Cluster Replication State: Replication status command started at: 2019-10-21-22-14Replication status command COMPLETED 801 tables checked out of 801Last Completed Table: cuiccollectionNo Errors or ...

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What comes up is a replication status of "2". This is definitely what we want to see. 2 = GOOD! When checking the database via CLI make sure you do it on both servers/all servers in the cluster. Check database replication method 2: Another way to do it is to generate a report inside of CUCM.

New Commands and Database Improvements in CUCM 9.x: ... New CLI utils replication status table/replicate -- The "utils dbreplication status" command is lengthy when it runs. If only one table is suspect, then you have to wait for all the tables to check. Being able to check one table speeds up checking of replication.List number of node in the cluster using CLI admin:run sql select name,nodeid from ProcessNode name nodeid ===== ===== EnterpriseWideData 1 x.x.x.x 2 x.x.x.x 3 x.x.x.x 4 Check the replication status of each subscriber/node in the cluster admin:show perf query class "Number of Replicates Created and Stateā€¦